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British Butcher’s Sample



Our selection of exceptional British meat is hand selected from local butchers such as Ginger Pig. British Butcher’s Sample meat box will include a variety of delicious fresh products for you to enjoy at home.

The content of the box changes every week to keep things exciting. Check the description for example of products you may get with your box.

Sourced from: Zirrø
Default packaging:  

The box will contain the following every week:

  • 1x250g bacon or ham portion (smoked, unsmoked)
  • 2x small pieces of meat (ex: beef burger, pork sausages, chorizo, pork belly, chicken thighs, etc…)
  • 1x large piece of meat (ex: whole chicken, lamb shoulder, sirloin steak, Rib-eye, Rump, etc…)

Quantities are calculated for 2 people.

All butchers we are working with select grass-fed and free range meat/poultry grown in a sustainable and ethical way.

Contact us if you have any special request or exclusion.


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