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We are a small local business that want to change the way people buy their weekly groceries in East London, and help make a positive impact on our environment. In our own lives we made it a priority to find package-free, sustainable local shops to support. We were tired of all the waste, and mass produced products, we wanted a fresh baguette, or bulk options of pastas. We ventured all over Hackney finding the best options for us personally and through this journey built relationships with all our local businesses who shared the same values as us.

Now we are able to help others make a positive impact on our planet, by providing East Londoners with a sustainable grocery shopping option, and all stress free. And by shopping responsibly not only are we helping the environment, but also helping all our local shops and supporting the community.

Meet the founder

Hello! Vince from Zirrø here 👋 

Since I moved in the neighbourhood in 2012, I have fell in love with Hackney and the great food artisans and shops it has to offer. As a French foodie living in London it was so great to see that I could still get amazing products, I just had to know where to go, get organised and walk a little bit further…

I am also a zero-waste enthusiast and started changing the way I buy groceries some time ago realising that tiny changes in my habits could result in massive reduction our waste. 

And I know that I am not the only one willing to buy better quality and with less plastic, it is just such a hassle sometimes. You have to think of everything beforehand (reusable containers, bottles, etc…) carry them back and forth, go to different shops sometimes! It can be very difficult, a stressful process and unsustainable a regular basis for many people especially if you have kids and/or are living a faced-paced urban lifestyle.  

But what if someone was doing the hard work? What if we could get the quality you only find from independent artisans with the convenience of buying it online and getting it delivered to your door? 

That’s basically the idea behind Zirrø and how I started it.

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We love to build new relationship, feel free to drop us a line

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Feel free to contact us directly whether it is to leave us some feedback, enquire about job opportunities or contact our customer service, our door is always open.

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You are a business owner, care about sustainability and your community? Let's talk and see how we can add your store to our local selection of shops.


Email us: partner@zirro.net

Press & Local authorities

You are interested in what Zirrø stand for and want to get to know us better or speak of what we do to your audience? Feel free to drop us an email (with as little attachment as possible to keep the carbon emission low obviously)

Email us: contact@zirro.net

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From healthy recipes to tips on how to make your lifestyle more sustainable on a day to day basis, we will keep you posted through our blog about what our Zirros do to make a difference for your neighbourhood and the planet.


Most frequent questions and answers

Not all of our products are organic as supplying organic kiwis from New Zealand does not make sense to us from an environmental standpoint. However we obviously prioritise organic products when possible and aim to be 100% organic in the future. The shops we are working with are carefully selected to align with our sustainability values. 

Sure! We are a local service and it is easy to talk to us. Contact us on Whatsapp or by text to ask for a delivery change at least 48hrs in advance. 

We work with multiple shops, so usually if one shop is sold out, the next one isn’t. This is why we ask for 48hrs margin between order and delivery, so we can make sure we have a solution. If we don’t we will contact you and if we cannot get a hold of you, we will just refund you for the missing item.

Well first thanks! Happy that you like it. Whether you want to give some time, tell us about your favourite local shops, donate money or even invest in the company, we are open 🙂

Drop us a line on hello@zirro.net and we will talk.

We are just starting up and growing so we are always interested in meeting people interested in joining the service. Whether you are a bike rider looking to make deliveries or a senior manager willing to help us grow, we are happy to listen to you. 

Email us at hello@zirro.net and we will come back to you.

Contact us 48hrs prior to your delivery to let us know which item you do not want and we will do our best to make the change. We hate wasting food so if there is ever anything you order that you do not want we will give it to a local food bank.